February 7, 2023

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6/18 wake-up call: Ruta speaks to Srebrenica veterans • D66 party conference

6/18 wake-up call: Ruta speaks to Srebrenica veterans • D66 party conference

Do you hit the road? Here you will find an overview of Activities† Check File timetable for the track.

What do you expect today?

  • Prime Minister Rutte and Defense Minister Ollogenren speak with war veterans of Srebrenica at Oranjekazerne in Schaarsbergen. The Cabinet will express its “appreciation and appreciation” to the army and approve sending them on an impossible mission. How did that happen then read here
  • D66 members will physically gather for the party convention for the first time in two years. Party leader Sigrid Kaag and party leader Jan Paternot will address members at Den Bosch. The party looks back at a turbulent time.
  • At the Canadian Grand Prix in Formula 1, it’s time for the third freestyle practice. Cars will enter the track for the first time at 7pm (Netherlands time). At 10 p.m., the qualifiers will be about starting Sunday’s race order.

What did you miss?

British Home Secretary Priti Patel has strong criticism At the European Court of Human Rights, which recently ended the first flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda. In Britain’s Telegraph, Patel described the court’s ruling as “outrageous”. She questions the court’s motives and finds the method “opaque”.

The first flight, Tuesday, will take refugees from the UK to Rwanda. British judges decided that the trip He was allowed to leaveBut the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that there is a “real risk of irreparable suffering” for refugees.