The neighborhood was carried away by speed cam drivers: “De Pijp will become one big distribution center”

The neighborhood was carried away by speed cam drivers: "De Pijp will become one big distribution center"

Residents of De Pijp are completely tired of the inconvenience of various “dark shops”, as distribution centers are called express shopping. According to residents, speed cam drivers drive back and forth all day (and sometimes also at night) and make a lot of noise. The sidewalk is also constantly filled with bikes. More than a hundred residents have now written a letter to the city council asking to do something about it.


They’ve only been there a year. But it is already impossible to imagine it from the streets: express carriers of Gorillas, Zapp, Getir and Flink. For many it is an ideal way to get your groceries delivered quickly, usually within 10 minutes. But not everyone is satisfied with this development.

According to one resident, “De Pijp will simply become a large distribution center” Just Munning. “The beautiful shops are disappearing, which is why the shops that were registered are back again. This is not what you want around you. It’s not good for the quality of life.”

“Beautiful stores are disappearing, that’s why the registered stores are coming back”


In De Pijp, within a radius of less than 300 metres, three buildings have been converted into “dark shops”. Munning says the neighborhood is particularly tired of constant noise pollution: “Now the delivery guy does it fairly quietly,” he says when he points to a bike courier, “but they usually just want to ride the bike. Then it drops over the threshold. The residents go crazy.” .


GroenLinks councilman Elizabeth I. Jeker also sees the problems and is concerned about the development of delivery services in the city. That’s why she made a proposal last summer to research the effects of services and ask questions on the board this week.

“We see that many residents in different neighborhoods suffer from this and that very little is being done about it,” says IJmker. “Enforcement requests are being made here and there, but the municipality still has few resources to do something about it.”

“It is not wise to place a branch in the middle of a residential area”

Elizabeth Ejmecker, Green Counsellor

Gorilla and Flink left it on AT5/NH Amsterdam Find out how to stay in touch with the locals and want to contribute to an enjoyable living and working environment. For example, Flink says, “We choose our center locations carefully on the basis of spaciousness so that our employees can take breaks indoors and bikes are stored indoors. We do everything we can to ensure that communication with neighbors goes smoothly.”

If it was up to IJmker, the issues would be resolved quickly. “What we have asked now is to know what kind of buildings these companies are based in. For example, because of all the inconvenience we hear about, it is not wise to set up a branch in the middle of a residential area.”

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