Spotify removes playback function after calling Adele | stars

Spotify removes playback function after calling Adele |  stars

“This was the only request I’ve had in our ever-changing industry,” Adele tweeted at the news that the shuffle option has been removed from albums. “It is not without reason that we make our albums with great care and do not think about song order without reason. Our art tells a story and those stories should be heard as intended. Thanks for listening, Spotify.” Then the singer’s music service responded with “Everything for you.”

By the way, it is still not impossible to play the songs of the album in random order. Although it is no longer an option with album, after clicking on a random number, the option becomes visible again. When asked why, Spotify has yet to respond.

Adele album 30 It was released last Friday and is her first album in six years. Adele herself talks about her most personal album ever. De Telegraaf’s pop journalist Bart Wigglers also liked this record. “With a voice like hers, it’s a matter of singing somewhere, about what’s not even the most important. But the fact that it’s about real pain, and about real sadness, makes the difference between a good and great record, as well as challenging musical surprises.”

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