June 6, 2023

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The most beautiful phrase of love in Dutch written by Arthur Jabin

The most beautiful phrase of love in Dutch written by Arthur Jabin

“All that matters, my love, is that there is someone who sees more in you than you knew they could.” According to participants in a survey conducted by CPNB, this is the most beautiful phrase of love in Dutch literature. It was announced tonight on the NOS radio show Tomorrow’s goal

The sentence of the book fatal flaw Written by Arthur Gabin, published 2003. The survey was conducted under the slogan the first love From the next book week that begins on Saturday. The 1,500 guests at Boekenbal were asked to send in their favorite phrase of love. The top 10 of this was compiled, which was then submitted to a representative committee of the Dutch people.

Other sentences in the top ten came from Anne Frank (“When I think about it, my cheeks have that wonderful feeling today that makes everything okay”) and Connie Balmain (“I want you to live forever, I tell him”).

“close to myself”

According to winner Arthur Gabin, writing about love is like loving oneself: “It comes naturally and yet it takes courage, there are no words and yet you have to speak, it can go wrong so easily and yet you have to take a risk.”

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