The main capital is spreading its wings to the United States

The main capital is spreading its wings to the United States

The Hague investment firm Main Capital Partners plans to take action in the United States. The first arms record was signed this week. Textkernel, one of the leading Dutch companies, captures its American rival Sowren. Both companies offer machine learning hiring tools.

The textkernel became the primary component at the beginning of last year. The Amsterdam-based company has been working with Artificial Intelligence since 2001 to find suitable job applicants in databases and analyze and enrich their data. Many recruitment and selection companies use the software both domestically and abroad.

Textkernel and Sovren’s products are comparable. The addition of sovren activates growth in North America, Asia and Oceania. Together, the two companies serve more than 2,500 customers from offices in the Netherlands, USA, France and Germany.

Sowren’s boss Robert Ruff is pleased with the acquisition of his company. According to him, the move ensures continuity for employees, products and about a thousand customers.

American ambitions

“We see great potential for our businesses to expand our operations in the United States.”

So far, Maine has focused on participating in IT companies in the Netherlands, the German-speaking region and Scandinavia. Choice for Sowren shows the investor’s American ambitions. ‘We look forward to being more active in the United States in the short and medium term,’ says Principal Director Peter van Bodegravan. “This is an exciting moment for Maine, as we see many of our European platform companies having the potential to expand their operations in the United States.”

The textkernel was featured last November Top 50 of the main software, Annual Ranker of the Investor of Successful Listed Software Companies.

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