March 26, 2023

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The Lightning port is also limited to USB 2.0 speeds on the new iPhone 14

The Lightning port is also limited to USB 2.0 speeds on the new iPhone 14

Apple’s Lightning data transfer is also limited to USB 2.0 speeds with the new iPhone 14 devices. So ripping videos in Apple’s ProRes format remains a time-consuming task.

Earlier this year it was rumored that Apple Worked at USB 3.0 speeds For the Lightning port (5 Gbit/s, or 625 Mbit/s), but according to MacRumors So nothing came of it. Burning one minute of 4K ProRes (6GB) video takes about two and a half minutes at USB 2.0 speeds (30-40MB/s practically).

Lightning port on iPhone.

It’s unknown why the (alleged) USB 3.0 upgrade was not finally implemented. Apple may no longer want to invest in technology, with the USB-c charging standard looming in the European Union. On the other hand, a USB-c port will only become mandatory in the fall of 2024, so two more generations of iPhones were able to use a faster Lightning port.

According to rumors released in May, Apple is testing iPhones with a USB-C port, which could be released in 2023. It looks like the iPhone 15 will actually get a USB-c port. Well, let’s hope Apple doesn’t limit the transfer speed with USB-C to USB 2.0 either.

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