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The first 3D-printed rocket launch was canceled twice at the last minute on Saturday. The first-stage engines had already started during the first attempt, but the rocket from Relativity Space never got off the ground.

The rocket launch was initially scheduled for 1:45 p.m. local time on Saturday. But that was it He was pushed back an hour by high altitude winds. It was canceled just before launch, after the Aeon 1’s nine first-stage engines shut down almost immediately after ignition. according to the space of relativity It was because “that corner case in the automation of the missile stage separation system.

At 16:00 local time, another attempt was made, but this time the launch was aborted before the engines ignited. startup attributed it Low fuel pressure in the upper stage. Since that was near the end of the launch window, a third attempt could not be made on Saturday. Relativity Space has not announced a new launch date.

On March 8, the first attempt to launch this missile, called Terran 1, took place. Then it was blown up Because of the temperature difference of liquid oxygen in the second stage.

The Terran 1 rocket from Relativity Space is unique in that it consists largely of 3D printed parts. 85 percent of the mass comes from the printer, including its entire hull and ten first- and second-stage rockets. According to the startup, this should eventually make it possible to build rockets faster and cheaper. Ultimately, the company wants to make at least 90 percent of its spacecraft out of 3D-printed parts.

A 3D-printed Terran 1 missile during an attempted launch

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