The launch of the “Anti-Corona worker” due to dereliction of duty | the interior

The launch of the “Anti-Corona worker” due to dereliction of duty |  the interior

According to the police, the dismissal of the employee is the result of a disciplinary investigation after suspicion of gross dereliction of duty. The investigation mainly focused on his involvement in organizing the procedures and making public statements against the implementation of the Corona procedures. He also introduced himself as a police officer. He used insider knowledge and experience and had unauthorized parties share tactical information with the police, according to the police, who summoned the Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights and Civil Service Performance (AGFA).


They were asked for advice on whether the officer could be fired for violating a standard of the Civil Service Act. This means that the colleague may not jeopardize the proper functioning of the police force by exercising his fundamental rights. After investigation, the commission came to the conclusion that this standard has been violated several times and for a long time, and therefore considers dismissal as appropriate, “according to the police.

Last year, Spanjetra’s actions left his colleagues confused because ‘Police for Freedom’ smelled of anti-corona activism. The club’s official goal is to promote solidarity between “different services” such as the police and citizens, as Spanstra itself has stated. To the dismay of other police officers, he announced the Dutch mission in a live broadcast with anti-Corona activist Willem Engel last March.


By the way, Spanstra has not been active as an agent for quite some time. Due to circumstances, he was not actively working for a number of years. The fact that the officer is officially ill, but is an active activist, is one of the reasons that prompted the police to launch an internal investigation.

The former police officer announced on Twitter on Thursday that he would be having a conversation with the police. “I wasn’t a cocky cop, I wasn’t a talent, I was just a simple cop who wanted to fight injustice. That was what I went to work for and that’s what I am by nature. Including people who have problems. I will help people and I will always do that.”

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