Social assistance women criticize Meilandjes

Social assistance women criticize Meilandjes

How do people who truly perceive luxury? Chateau help, in which Martien, Erica and Maxime Meiland live on social assistance for a month? He. She Interview with AD Two Women They Should Know – And Who Have Looked ‘Horror’ The much-discussed new Meiland show

Just to Defend the Family Before We Get Free: The family wants to draw attention to poverty through this program and is also committed to the Baby Stuff Foundation. At the same time TV is still, of course, so … the Meilandjes enjoyed their luxurious lives for a while before they had to go to luxury, thought the house they had to live in for a month was too small and of course Martin’s impatient cries echoed in the rooms Living again.

Jennifer Francesca, one of the well-being women who spoke to AD, thinks it is so.”very silly“This entertainment is made by a family who pretends to be on welfare for a month.”I watched in horror. They should really be ashamed of themselves.

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Jennifer Francesca

“You don’t know what it’s like”

You don’t know what it’s like to live like this today, day out, month after month, year after year“The fact that Martien underwent some brow treatments so quickly before a month of social assistance, is something on her nerves,” she continues.Well, listen, we don’t have that option. You do not think: “Tomorrow I will go to luxury, let me go to the pedicure first. Then I can go to luxury in good shape.

‘Very painful’

Melanie van Engen, the second woman in an interview with AD, was surprised that SBS6 and Meilandjes according to her”Show the fun side to helpThis is very painful for people who really live in luxury.

that at a certain point the Meilandjes began roasting a “celebration” of receiving the key to their social assistance house – Which, by the way, is not a home for help at all – I found Melanie very painful. †I can tell you that people who end up getting welfare don’t open the champagne when they send in their welfare form. You feel too ashamed to rely on that.

Advice for John de Mol

It does not give a realistic picture of what the help is.“Advises John de Mol, President of Talpa to Arrange with”real peopleTo speak to Social Security to see what it can do for them.

Chateau help It can be seen every Monday at 8:30pm on SBS6.

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