The latest hit movie with Tom Hanks is now on Netflix: what are you waiting for?

The latest hit movie with Tom Hanks is now on Netflix: what are you waiting for?

movie news – A Man Called Otto is based on the book En man som heter Ove by Swedish writer Fredrik Backmann.

The 2022 movie is over two hours long. Netflix themselves indicate that the movie is moving and gripping. Watch it from Wednesday, August 9 on the service.

The director of the film is Mark Foster, for whom he is also known Kite RunnerAnd world war z And Search for Neverland.

seagull man

In the film we follow Otto Andersson, an angry man who becomes angry and depressed after the death of his wife. He has ingrained habits, watches over the neighborhood and gets into fights with his neighbours.

When a busy, young family moves in next door, everything changes. He had to deal with free-wheeling and pregnant Marisol talking. In the end, a kind of friendship develops that turns Otto’s life upside down.


None other than Tom Hanks plays Otto Anderson. Plus, we see Mariana Trevino, Rachel Keeler, Mac Baida, Cameron Britton, Peter Lawson-Jones, and Juanita Jennings.


On IMDb, the movie managed to score a good 7.5/10. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a combined 70%. Audiences scored the film much higher, at 97%. “Tom Hanks was fantastic to watch on screen, and his interactions with his co-stars were among my favorite scenes in the movie. He led the screen with his portrayal of Otto.”

“Great movie with Tom Hanks (again). I wasn’t expecting it and the story is simple but touching. Tom Hanks doesn’t immediately play a friendly guy and yet you get to know him better, and you know what he’s been through and you start putting his shoes on.”, says Aether on the MovieMeter website. There the movie scores 3.48/5.


You can watch the movie from Wednesday, August 9th flow on Netflix.

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