The Lakers and Nets GM were opinionated as trade rumors swirl around Kyrie Irving

The past week has also seen all kinds of trade rumors about Kyrie Irving, most of which have linked it to General Manager Sean Marks and Brooklyn Networks For the only team that seems interested: Los Angeles Lakers.

There have been reports that The Lakers thought the deal was nearing completion at the end of last weekscuttlebutt that two sides can shave a coil San Antonio Spurs inside Complex multi-team dealAnd the whispers of disagreement Within the Lakers’ mind’s confidence as to whether or not Irving was the team’s best target. Everything is hanging Summer NBA In Las Vegas with Russell Westbrook and LeBron James Watching from the opposite arena Friday night, as fans cheered General Manager Rob Pelinka to trade his disgruntled team for the Brooklyn side.

So with that in context — and a report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski during Friday’s broadcast that “the Nets and Lakers are not currently interacting with Kyrie Irving” — it’s notable that Pelinka and Marks have been captured in what appears to be a very attractive live chat next to Woj himself during matches after Saturday afternoon.

Prior to that conversation, Mark Stein was the last to report that we shouldn’t necessarily hold our breath about the impending Irving deal (via Substack):

League sources confirm that Networks a) focused on trying to piece together a palatable deal for Kevin Durant before moving on to Irving scenarios and b) was adamant in its resistance to reclaim Westbrook in Irving’s theoretical swap without, for starters, some first-round draft compensation added by the Lakers. Remember, Westbrook is set to earn roughly $11 million more than Irving’s next season, which will cost Brooklyn an additional $50 million once luxury tax penalties are taken into account. by piece Earlier this week from my Bleacher Report colleague Jake Fisher.

So, with all that said… what do you think Pelinka and Marx were discussing? I’m guessing their favorite frozen yogurt websites, but I’m sure all seasoned lip readers will have some creative ideas in the comments below.

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