The intrigue can begin: these celebrities have been declared traitors | Displays

The intrigue can begin: these celebrities have been declared traitors |  Displays

Spoiler alertLying, cheating and a lot of intrigue: Season 2 of the TV psychological game traitors It started tonight. Presenter Tegel Beckand immediately chose three traitors in the opening episode. You can read who they are below. Attention: This article contains spoilers

The tension was supposed to go down tonight at the round table at Erenstein Castle. Which three famous Dutchmen would feel Beckand’s hand on their shoulder and declare themselves traitors? All eighteen participants sat at the table, visibly nervous. They gave the command one by one – their eyes closed – they faithfully obeyed. Then the game can start.

First person to be elected: Ortál Friend. The Rotterdam PoliceThe actress could hardly contain it. †silly Thrilling. Really crazy.” At the next stage, Esme van Campen already yells at her on the train on the way to the castle: “We have to pay attention to Stefano.” It turned out that her gut sense was right, because the comedian was already chosen as a traitor by Beckand. The Keizers was completely in love with her ‘Despite his temper. ‘Yeah, yeah yeah, I’m a traitor.’ Meanwhile, my heart started pounding incredibly in my throat. I just feel like my whole jacket is moving, I think everybody’s going to get this.”

Then another lap for Beckand, who seemed to not hesitate: put his hand on Jimmy Westland’s shoulder. The drummer for Di-rect didn’t release a kick, but inside of him all sorts of things went through his mind. “Then you kind of feel something sharp, but you don’t feel it again. Yes I am a traitor,” were his words.

The three of them were allowed to open their eyes for a moment, to see who they had to play with. Satisfied looks were exchanged. ‘I think that’s a good threesome, I really think’ Westland reacted. And with that, the party’s over, because the other participants were allowed to open their eyes again. It’s time for the traitors to play their part.

Immediately Irene Moores did not know where to look. “Anyone can be suspicious. But everyone thinks you are suspicious too.” The same is true for the other candidates. Although Sylvia Gerson did not imagine that Kaiser would be one of the traitors.

good luck

traitors It was a huge hit in 2021. Weekly, with viewership delays, the show averaged more than two million viewers. Under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Tijl Beckand, eighteen celebrities competed with each other for a silver treasure. In and around Erenstein Castle in Limburg there were three traitors who wanted to keep the plunder for themselves. In the end, the loyal traitors Samantha Stenwick and Shatila Van Grinesvin were able to escape from the silver treasure. There was direct interest abroad: the format has since been sold to America, England, Scandinavia, Australia and Belgium, among other countries.

In this new season, the rules of the game are slightly different and the profit can no longer be shared between traitors and loyalists, but between princes or between traitors themselves.

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