The House of Representatives wants to get rid of the temporary lease

The House of Representatives wants to get rid of the temporary lease
The House wants temporary leases to be concluded less easily

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Landlords can no longer easily enter into a temporary lease. There is a majority in the Chamber of Deputies for the initiative of the Cristinone party and the opposition party PvdA to end temporary leases.

The introduction in 2016 of temporary leases for a maximum period of two years had a negative effect in practice. It was intended that more rental properties would be added, but this did not happen.


Furthermore, temporary rental connections lead to uncertainty, stress and higher relocation costs for tenants, according to applicants. Municipalities complain about the deterioration of the quality of life in the neighborhoods, because the tenants live there for a short time and leave again.

Often the landlord also has a stronger position of power and can offer a rent increase or refrain from processing backdated maintenance without resistance from the resident. “Students are often cooped up, living on rotting floors, but not daring to ask the landlord anything,” affirms pro-D66 MP Polakjar.


“There is great suspicion among tenants, which sometimes leads to delays in childbearing,” CDA MP Geurts expressed the sentiment of many parties. “The stress of looking for a home again leads to sleepless nights.”

The initiative to make the permanent contract the norm again is backed by coalition party D66, SP, GroenLinks, the animal party and most likely the CDA and PVV, as it became evident during a debate in the House of Representatives tonight.

The PVV wants to make an exception for seniors who have purchased an additional home for their retirement and who want to rent it out temporarily. “Can they still sell their house or are they stuck with that tenant indefinitely?” MP Kops of PVV wants to know.

The bill would include a number of exceptions: for example, temporary leases for large families, young adults, students and doctoral candidates would continue, but possibly for five years. The CDA wants to expand the set of exceptions to contacts for short-stay homes, emergency shelters, and orphanages.


The state party VVD is not very enthusiastic about amending the current practice. VVD MP De Groot fears that the number of rental properties will decrease in this housing crisis. “The show is going to be damaged and we’re not going to help anyone with that.”

Minister de Jonge (Housing) doesn’t see much in abolishing temporary rents. It is already addressing rent increases by extending the points system to rents in the free sector up to a maximum of €1,000 per month.

The minister wants to allow municipalities to block temporary leases locally in certain neighborhoods.

Debate will end at a later date and votes on the bill will eventually reveal how many parties support it.

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