The Hit Oogappels series is coming with a Christmas movie in December

The Hit Oogappels series is coming with a Christmas movie in December

“Although Christmas seems to be the most relaxing time of the year with games, beautifully placed tables, performances under the tree and good conversation over a five-course dinner, the reality is usually different,” BNNVARA said in the press release. ‘Also in the eyeballsFamily matters are going well under pressure To stand at Christmas This Christmas This is the Feast of Appreciation. With all those pent-up irritations, compulsive dinners and drinks, an old sore or a tired cook behind the stove, things can get out of hand.

What will happen? Eric and Chris already want to skip the holidays for a year, but they have to radically change their plan at the last minute. Fabi has to deal with a huge disappointment and Carola and Marcel are surprised by a shocking event during Christmas dinner. Oh, that looks exciting!

The atmosphere in Tim and Dina also leaves a lot to be desired, after sipping a Christmas drink at Tim’s business gets out of hand. Grandparents know exactly what is going on, and as always, they make a sharp comment: the more we do our best to suppress everything complex or negative, the greater the chance of violent outbursts. Christmas apples It can be seen on Thursday, December 22 at 8.35 p.m. on NPO 1.

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