Instagram revamps the web interface and allows users to schedule posts – IT Pro – News

The tablet version of the app, which I expect if they’re really desperate for the Meta. At first I thought this was meant to attract more users, but upon closer inspection I felt more “limited outflow” about it. I can’t imagine it’s all about tablets per se. I prefer to be (age group) Users on tablets as a reason.

On Instagram, they’ve been frustrated with use outside the Android and iOS app for a long time. When it finally became “usable”, countless options were intentionally neglected. Now suddenly they can? : + This was of course a policy in the Meta as a whole, see also blocking the FB Messenger app on mobile browsers – works fine on a laptop/desktop – from sending users to a data consuming app.

FB/Meta was initially a student thing, but then it became more and more a platform for older target groups. At the time, Instagram/Meta focused on school age and students, which explains why lasers focus on phones. The pre-COVID market seems to be moving away from “real” PCs and laptops, sales have been steadily declining for years.

Unfortunately for Zuck, TikTok turns out to be a much bigger problem.

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