January 27, 2023

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The government will maintain a quota of 600 combinations per day, but will allow “special flights”

Finally the government I will not relax the quota of 600 per day Enter the country. The final decision of the President is still pending Alberto Fernandez. The executive decision of the cabinet leadership, which is effective from Friday, June 25, expires, it is left More than 14,000 are stranded abroad. It will allow the expansion of the quota, with the exception of a few commercial flights, despite the determination to maintain control as ordered.

Tuesday in administration They explored the possibility Although they make it clear that to increase the number of combinations, it will not reach the previous 2,000. At a meeting between health ministers this afternoon, Carla Vicotti And his colleagues from the interior, Peters Wado; And transport, Alexis Guerrero The idea was to retain health measures to delay the arrival of the delta variant.

The Director of Migration also attended the meeting Florence Carignano And President of the ANAC Paola Tamburelli. “The decider will be the president,” said one of the participants.

Although the decision on paper depends on the head of the cabinet, Santiago Caffiro He dedicated this afternoon to presenting 2,600 questions he had to answer in the Chamber of Deputies this Thursday. Visotti, Guerrero and De Point Pedro will send their results to the Minister of Coordination. “The problem is whether it expands a little or continues at 600. It has the last word on the health criteria,” an official with an office in La Rosada said.

Departments of Management sought to make the entry of Argentines and residents more flexible and, in the face of claims from the aeronautical industry, demanded an increase in the volume of operations.

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The government is exploring the possibility Add special flights The “mutual source” of business entities, which in practice will accelerate the entry of Argentines and residents. In Gaza Rosada and especially in the interior they demand complete control of the governors, thus subjecting the returning travelers to severe isolation.

Buenos Aires residents returning (and leaving the country after July 1) cannot be isolated in their homes in the province, even if their tests confirm they are negative. They will have to spend an isolated part (4 days) in hotels. The city and provinces such as C கோrdoba and Santa Fe are currently opposed.

International airports such as C கோrdoba are not currently being analyzed by the ANAC to reduce the flow of entry into the country by ESSA and AMBA.

The government is trying to delay the arrival of the delta variant while accelerating the vaccination program and is using the second dose to avoid the third wave corona virus before the elections.

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