The Buccaneer government orders the El For editor to leave the country, the director reprimands

San Salvador.

Director of the Salvador newspaper Lighthouse, Carlos Dada, Condemned the announcement by the agents of the Central American country government this Wednesday Media EditorOr, the Mexican journalist Daniel Lizaraga, Who will have to leave the country in the next few days.

Dada pointed out that the “agents” on Tuesday Government of Salvador“Home Lisaraga “To declare that you have Five days In order Leave El Salvador And his Work permit and temporary residence Is Denied Because he could not prove that he was Journalist “.

“It simply came to our notice then Harassment and assault Against us (El Pharaoh), one more attempt Weaken us“, He rebuked Chest In an online broadcast with Gaza America Catalunya, it presented the media with the XIV Anthony Traveria Prize Freedom of expression.

“I care so much about the country,” he added The magazine ran out, It depends Without democracyAnd described the result as “the last chapter of this expansion.” “Bullying”.

Administrator dAnd Naeem Bukele No reports were provided Dada’s condemnation.

Lizaraga joined Lighthouse cHe was a teacher last January and has been a member of the research team in the past Aristotle News. He also worked in the media Reform, L. Universal and Processo Magazine.

Lighthouse In mid-April, he denounced the Salvador government in an editorial “Create another case” Against him after the censorship of the intelligence media blamed the Ministry of Finance Avoid lines.

Jose Louis Sans, former director Lighthouse And the middle reporter Washington, Told Efe in an interview in October 2020 Pew ExecutiveI searched Managers arrested The newspaper and its operations have been paralyzed in response to its investigations.

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He mentioned in a national media chain Take a look The media said it was definitely under investigation Money laundering, lOr it is considered a “clear threat”.

In early February, the US Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) issued precautionary measures in support of 34 members. Lighthouse He warned, “will be subjected Harassment, threats, intimidationS and stigma “.

In early March, the Constitution Room El Salvador Supreme Court Using an audit, Ambrose pleaded guilty to one count “Editorial line, Press Release, Sources and Ongoing Investigations “ Lighthouse. EFE

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