The Girl Who Sang Let It Go Ukrainian Air Raid Shelter On Stage Amazed Frozen cast | show

The Girl Who Sang Let It Go Ukrainian Air Raid Shelter On Stage Amazed Frozen cast |  show

with videoAmelia Anisovich, the 8-year-old girl with a video showing her from a Ukrainian air raid shelter let it go I went all over the world, and got a big surprise. She was allowed to perform her singing skills at the OVO Arena in Wembley, when suddenly, representatives of the West End version of frozen I entered the stage. This much to little Amelia’s delight.

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Amelia was invited to sing in ITV1’s New Year’s Eve special, but little did she know that she would be singing along with the original cast members. frozen. Samantha Parks and Emily Lynn, who play Elsa and Anna in the West End version of the hit film, joined her on stage. The girl could not contain her excitement as the audience gushed over the amazing performance.

The Ukrainian girl went viral on social media at the beginning of this year because she wrote the song let it go He sang in an orphanage. The girl and her family hid in a hideout in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, for six days until Amelia managed to flee the country with her 15-year-old brother and grandmother.

Read more below for photos of her performance at the shelter.

The images showed how the people in the shelter became completely silent while Amelia gave a moving performance. “Everyone stopped talking and listened to the sparkling girl’s singing,” said Marta Smykova, who posted the video on Facebook.

American actress and singer Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa, also responded to Amelia’s video. “We see you, really see you,” the artist wrote on Twitter.

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Emilia Anisovich. © ITV1

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