The gender-neutral golden calf: an empty and premature gesture or a logical decision?

The gender-neutral golden calf: an empty and premature gesture or a logical decision?

The golden calves of the best male and best female disappear; There will be one award in that category. so it disappears distinguish Between a man and a woman at the presentation ceremony of the most important cinematic award in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) says it is in line with the global debate on gender inclusion, which is also happening in the world of cinema. “We look at performance regardless of gender.”

Director Norbert ter Hall thinks the decision makes sense. “The combination of a person’s characteristics can’t be traced back to just a male and a female. There are so many factors that define who you are, and it’s very strange to choose one aspect.”

He anticipates that the NFF decision will bring more attention to the prowess of individual actors. “Of course there is a difference between men and women and that’s important. But by not discriminating, you pay more attention to those differences, so they get more attention.”

The role of stigma

The decision was also criticized: “I understand the choice and don’t necessarily oppose it, but it’s an empty and premature gesture. What we should especially look at is how we judge the best actor and actress; that women and men are on an equal footing,” says screenwriter Mango Rijmer.

According to him, there is no such equality now. “Statistically, there are many female roles and we don’t do too badly in Holland, but these roles are basically as stigmatized as the housewife role. Whereas the male actors may be the technically intuitive guy who has psychological issues and depth in his role.”

As actress Katia Herbers expressed herself critically:

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