AEX bounces back hard, but a blow to Arcelor and Shell | Financial

AEX bounces back hard, but a blow to Arcelor and Shell |  Financial

After the opening of Wall Street, the AEX index rebounded by a full percentage from a loss of 1.8% to a closing loss of 0.7% at a position of 755.33 points.

The Midkap Index fell 1.5% by 1085.4 points.

The FTSE 100 in London is down 1.5%, and the CAC 40 in Paris is already down 2.8%. Germany’s DAX is down 2%.

In Europe, brokers are reporting investor concerns about a future slowdown on business books as the delta variable continues to dampen the economy.

Fed minutes equals track

In Asia, the Nikkei lost 1.1%. On Wall Street, stock markets posted a slight loss, and markets rebounded a bit after the open.

The Dow Jones actually closed slightly last night after the release of the minutes of the latest Fed rate meeting.

The observations showed that a large bond-buying program to support the economy could be scaled back this year.

Joop van de Groep, Fintessa Asset Manager, says how far word has come taper The last meeting of the Federal Reserve indicated that support has already been postponed this year.

“Certainly given the strong US job growth in July, which only emerged after the US interest rate decision and significantly influences the Fed’s policy setting.”

Van de Groep takes into account that the reluctance of investors will increase in the near future. With the very strong earnings season coming to an end, the focus is on central bankers who may need to adjust expectations about the trajectory of inflation. Moreover, September is traditionally considered to be a lower quality month in the stock market.”

The new US weekly jobless claims figure came in better than expected this afternoon, down 29,000 from the previous week, and came to 348,000 claims.

Steel and oil at the bottom

In almost all-red AEX, in particular Arcelor Metal He suffered a bloodshed of 7% in response to the extreme cold in raw material prices.

Positives After a gentle recovery on Wednesday, it is down 4.7% under downward pressure at Tencent, where the tech investor owns a large stake.

Semiconductors ASMI Of Elmer leaves behind 3.5%, fellow strip iron Duiven corrects 3.5%.

Shell RD Weak by 4.3%. The price of oil fell to a 2.5-month low, and the dollar rose to a nine-month high against the euro.

Action He experiences a 2% loss at the closing bell. Egon It loses 2.6%, ASR 1.3%.

also Heineken in a Randstad by 2.2%.

NN . group It lost 0.9% after agreeing with Goldman Sachs to sell asset manager NN Investment Partners to the Americans for 1.7 billion euros. Goldman Sachs now expects to pay an additional dividend. Investment bank Berenberg believes that NN Group will buy back 450 million euros annually of additional shares over the next two years to pay proceeds from the sale of its asset management business to shareholders.

I am convicted It welcomed more buyers near the close, which led to a positive rise of 5.8%. Payment processor says it has had a solid half year.

Meal delivery Just eat takeaway Added another 1.8%.

also Ahold Delhaize It held at 1.2%.

At Midkap . laundries Galapagos 5.2%. British bank Barclays has taken the biotech fund off its buy list.

Specialized Steel Group aperam It slims 4.4%. Locker rental company in publishing It loses 4.6%.

Flow Traders Take advantage of the growing turmoil in the stock markets. The stockbroker receives an additional 1.2%.

AScX Fund bam It shows a decrease of 4.8%. In the first half of the year, the construction group benefited from the strong demand for homes in the Netherlands and saw an increase in its sales. In an explanation to De Telegraaf, the largest builder announced that it is abandoning major new projects.

competitor Heijmans They directly benefited from a price gain of 3.8%.

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