The freeze killed at least 18 people and left nearly 400,000 homes without power in the US

The freeze killed at least 18 people and left nearly 400,000 homes without power in the US


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Some parts of the US are still experiencing severe winter weather. Andhra News reported that at least 18 people were killed. Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are without access to the power grid, meaning millions of people will have to spend Christmas Eve without power.

Much of the United States is experiencing the coldest Christmas Day in decades. Temperatures dropped below freezing in southern locations unused to winter weather. The coldest Christmas Eve on record is expected in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

After more than 5,200 flights were canceled across the US on Friday due to the severe winter storm, an additional 3,100 domestic and international flights were added during the day on Saturday. About 7,100 flights were delayed in the country on Saturday, according to


According to NBC News, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, New York, Colorado and Michigan have been affected by the cold. Maine in particular was still struggling with a large power outage Saturday evening. According to NBC News, 390,000 homes will be without power Saturday evening. 142,000 of them are in the northeastern state of Maine.


Snow covered buildings in Louisville, Kentucky

Across the country, deaths are caused by the cold, car accidents, falling branches and other effects of extreme winter weather. An icy wind is moving across the country, with western New York in particular still struggling with low temperatures and power outages. Many motorists are suffering as people are stuck inside their homes. Aid workers are often unable to visit large areas of the region.

The buffalo hit hard

There is a severe crisis especially for buffaloes. At least three deaths have been reported there. Emergency services were unable to quickly reach two people after the medical emergency. The storm was the worst in decades for the region. Wind speed is measured at 110 kilometers per hour. By Saturday afternoon (local time) many places had more than six feet of snow against homes. Cars are buried under a white blanket.

Local officials warned that conditions would be treacherous. Electricity was cut in many places. In some places, residents are leaving their homes in search of a warmer place.

New York State’s governor says Buffalo Airport is closed until Monday morning. All the fire trucks in the city are stuck in the snow. “It doesn’t matter how many emergency vehicles we have, they don’t mean anything in the current situation,” the governor said. Snow and strong winds are expected to continue through Sunday night.

According to the National Weather Service, the U.S. is experiencing a “historic winter storm.” Temperatures dropped to tens of thousands of degrees below freezing in many places on Friday and Saturday. Severe weather is also accompanied by snowfall. Friday was very cold, according to the weather service in Havre, northern Montana. A temperature of -39 degrees Celsius was measured there.

Hundreds of thousands of residents across Canada will also be without power on Saturday. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled. Emergency weather warning has been issued in all provinces of the country.


The snow is formed by spray from the waves of Lake Erie near Cleveland

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