February 1, 2023

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Singer Maxi Jazz, of the dance group Faithless, dies at 65  Media and culture

Singer Maxi Jazz, of the dance group Faithless, dies at 65 Media and culture

Maxwell Fraser, better known by his stage name Maxi Jazz as the lead singer of British music group Faithless, has died at the age of 65. The group announced this in a statement on social media.

The group says it is “devastated”. Fraser died in his sleep at home one night from Friday to Saturday. He lived in London and was seriously ill for a long time.

“He was a man who changed our lives in so many ways. He brought the right meaning and message to our music. He was an amazing human being with time for everyone and a wisdom that was deep and accessible. It was an honor and an honor. It was a pleasure to work with him,” the group wrote.

Faithless has been hitting all over the world in the past with songs like insomnia And the God DJ. obedience Maxi Jazz singer, producer Rouleau, DJ and pianist Sister Bliss released their debut album in 1996. That was the year after Faithless was founded.

The band has performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world. In 1999, Faithless came to the Netherlands to perform at Pinkpop. This edition of the festival went down in the books because of the earthquake the visitors caused by the group’s music at the time. In February 2023 Maxi Jazz had another show planned at Poppodium 013 in Tilburg.

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