March 29, 2023

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The former Pakistani prime minister wants to stand trial after all

The former Pakistani prime minister wants to stand trial after all

Imran Khan is among his supporters in Lahore

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Former Pakistani Prime Minister and opposition politician Imran Khan is set to appear in court tomorrow. His lawyer said this after the court in the capital, Islamabad, suspended a warrant for his arrest.

The Public Prosecution Office of Pakistan suspects him of involvement in corruption. He is suspected of, among other things, selling the gifts he received from politicians from Saudi Arabia and Dubai, including expensive watches, during his tenure as prime minister (2018-2022). An arrest warrant was issued against him because he refused to be questioned several times.

Khan denies the allegations. His opponents want to silence him politically. If he ignores the summons to appear in court again, he also risks prosecution for contempt of court.

Violent riots

Khan had been hiding in his home in Lahore for weeks. The supporters prevented the police from coming to take him there. This was accompanied by violent disturbances on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The politician is popular with the masses for his achievements in cricket, the most popular sport in Pakistan. He became a great sports hero when he won the world title in 1992 as captain of the national cricket team.

Khan also said on Wednesday that he wanted to appear in court, but was worried about his safety. Last November, he was wounded in the leg when an unknown gunman opened fire on him.

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