The first European baby food exporter came to the United States to solve the shortage | Now

The first European baby food exporter came to the United States to solve the shortage |  Now

The first shipment of baby milk powder to the United States came from Europe on Sunday by a military cargo plane. The shipment is part of an airlift that was opened by US President Joe Biden to address his country’s acute shortage of baby milk powder.

The U.S. government flies milk powder on commercial planes hired by the military. The White House has said that avoiding conventional cargo routes will speed up the import and distribution of baby milk powder and act in immediate support as manufacturers continue to increase production.

The first plane with more than 35,000 kilos of baby food landed in Indianapolis, USA on Sunday. This is enough to fill half a million bottles, according to the United States.

Many parents in the United States have been mistaken in buying baby milk powder lately. Shortages arose, among other things, following the withdrawal and closure of a factory in Abbott Michigan, the largest supplier of baby milk powder in the United States. It happened after reports that four children had a bacterial infection. Global distribution problems caused by the corona epidemic then exacerbated the shortage.

Abbott CEO Robert Ford gave a commentary Washington Post Sorry for the inconvenience. He writes that there is no link between the FDA’s food watchdog and baby milk powder from a factory in Michigan, but evidence of bacteria has been found in the product.

Ford has also promised that the factory will reopen in the first week of June. Milk powder still has six to eight weeks to return to stores.

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