The first criminal case against a Russian journalist for spreading false news

The first criminal case against a Russian journalist for spreading false news

According to the indictment, the famous reporter and commentator Alexander Nevzorov, 63, spread false information about the Russian army in Ukraine. Two weeks ago, Russia passed a law criminalizing the dissemination of false information about the war in Ukraine. Anyone who, according to the Kremlin, “lies and spreads false information that harms the Russian army” faces up to 15 years in prison.

Media censorship

According to Russia, the action was necessary because Russia is combating a wave of fake news spread by Western countries and NATO. The state uses this pretext to censor the media. So the Russian media never talks about “war” or “invasion”, but rather about “the situation in Ukraine” or “special operation”. Russia also blocks access to most independent media.

Nevzorov himself is now a fugitive. Justice in Russia is looking for him. The former parliamentarian may be abroad.

Investigators of the Special Investigation Commission say that Nevzorov deliberately spread false news. The journalist claimed that the Russian army deliberately bombed a maternity hospital in the southern port city of Mariupol. The Russians themselves claim that the building contains extremist Ukrainian elements.

Blogger also follow

A criminal case was opened last week against a Russian blogger living in France for spreading “false” information that the Russian armed forces were targeting Ukrainian civilians.

A Russian state TV employee had to appear in court last week after she suddenly appeared on screen during a live news broadcast with a banner reading “Stop the war” and “They are lying to you.” Her penalty was low in the end: a fine of 260 euros.

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