Stefano Dominicali: The future of historical rounds is uncertain

Stefano Dominicali: The future of historical rounds is uncertain

The future of historic Formula 1 rounds is uncertain, explains Formula 1 CEO Stefano Dominicali Motorsport.comAs the game becomes more popular more and more rounds prefer their own Grand Prix.

The popularity of Formula 1 has increased significantly in recent years, which has led to greater interest in hosting other countries’ own Grand Prix. As the number of Grand Prix increased, it reached the limit of 25 races on the calendar. The future of historical tours such as Monaco and Spa-Francorchamps is now uncertain.

Termination of contracts

Contracts that expire after this season are on a number of circuits, including races in France, Belgium, Monaco and Mexico. “One part of the rounds with the expired contract will no longer be part of the calendar and the other part will have to rotate with the other rounds,” says Dominicali. The company’s choices will be announced soon and a Formula 1 fan can expect several new rounds. From 2023, Qatar and Las Vegas will be permanent on the calendar, bringing the number of races in the United States to three. There is also more interest from Asia, partly due to the arrival of Chinese Guanyu Cho, which attracts more interest there.

“The Balance Between History and the New”

Circuits of historical value can no longer be considered on the calendar. “We need to find a balance between the new Grand Prix, the historical races and the rounds that should be part of the calendar,” said the Formula 1 CEO. The demand for new locations favors Formula 1. The traditional Grand Prix is ​​forced to adjust its quality level. For example, they need to increase the infrastructure, the management of the event and what they have to offer to the public. “It’s not enough to have a specific history anymore, you have to show that you can stay.”

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