The first candidate, The Perfect Picture, comes on the tenth day

The first candidate, The Perfect Picture, comes on the tenth day

Note: This article contains spoilers about the second episode of The perfect picture.

At the start of Episode Two, the candidates may face their most difficult task yet. They have to make a sexy street image that is not regulated. Several candidates, including Georgina, Patrick, Yap and Donnie, run like a headless chicken through the streets of Amsterdam.

In the end, it is Yuvat who is the only one who really impressed the jury. He’s the only one to get an 8 for his photo. Four candidates receive an unsatisfactory mark. Namely: Patrick (5.2), Bridget (5), Donnie (4.7) and Georgina (4.5).

Fortunately, there is an opportunity for all photographers to take a new photo with a high score. During a mission in which Julius Caesar’s time is central, candidates have to play with light in an image in which they themselves are the model, until they make a dramatic recording.

The Frits scores best here with a pretty picture, with a score of 9.5, which also makes him the ring winner. It’s Georgina and Donnie hanging out again at the bottom. The actress eventually gets a 6 and the rapper gets a 5.7. This means his average is a tenth less than that of Georgina’s.

This means the end The perfect picture Donnie. “It hurts to go out on the tenth day,” says the artist. “But it’s no different. I wouldn’t lose him for anything.”

The fact that Georgina is still in the race at the moment means she can fight with (and against) her best friend Patrick for much longer. The BFFs helped each other get ready for the program. They tell more about it in the video below.

The perfect picture See you every Wednesday at 20:30 on RTL 4. Did you miss it? You can look back Here, but of course also via Videoland.

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