The FBI also searched Trump’s villa for documents on nuclear weapons

The FBI also searched Trump's villa for documents on nuclear weapons

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FBI agents who raided former President Trump’s villa on Monday were looking for documents related to nuclear weapons, among other things. to write Washington Post. According to the newspaper, it is unclear whether these documents were actually found at Trump’s Florida home.

Much remains unclear about the FBI’s research, because the FBI has not yet issued an official statement on the matter. The agents were reportedly looking for classified government documents that Trump took with him by mistake when he left the White House.

search warrant

Since the search caused so much uproar in the United States, the Department of Justice wants to make the search warrant public. However, the judge has not decided on this yet. The same applies to the department’s desire to declare the documents and goods seized.

On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland said he had personally approved the search. “We don’t take such a decision lightly,” he said. “Where possible, we are looking first at lower impact methods, as an alternative to home inspection.”

If the search command was made public, it would be very unusual. But according to Garland, “the great public interest” has a huge impact in this case.

Currently, the FBI is receiving many threats from Trump supporters, who see the agency’s investigation as politically motivated.

Yesterday, a gunman tried to storm the FBI office in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was shot dead by police after a chase that lasted for hours. His motives have not yet been revealed, but a home search in Trump’s villa may play a role.

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