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After that, I find it less annoying with MS because at least you still have the choice between an open system (PC) and a closed system (console/Xbox) to play the game.

Personally, I don’t need to have consoles at home at all due to the closed nature, lack of options, etc. compared to a PC, while someone else doesn’t want a gaming PC due to its simplicity, low initial purchase price, and warranty. That every game runs well on the console. With MS exclusives, you can at least choose between the two, while Sony (and Nintendo) exclusives are also console only.

I actually deliberately didn’t go into it specifically so as not to start an off-topic console vs. PC discussion.

But for me personally, it’s the freedom that a PC offers and the hardware you really own versus the hardware you own. A locked and ready device where you can only do what Sony and MS want you to do. Even assuming you always need Windows for gaming (which is definitely not always the case with the advent of StreamDeck), I can:

– Ability to specifically upgrade storage, eg. Or in the event of a defect outside the warranty, you do not have to throw away the entire device, but you can replace the specifically broken part.
– Determine my graphics settings and consider what I like more or prefer Awesomeness vs. FPS.
– Much better support for adjustments in most games or different resolutions, I’m a big fan of 21:9 and it’s not an option on the console because it’s only 16:9.
– Catalog of games dating back over 30 years and almost everything can be made playable directly or through a conversion. It also means there is much less need to “repurchase” games for next gen like Skyrim (still playing the original 2011 release, but now I’ve used 2 PCs, if you’ve bought the PS3/360 version you really will) I should buy it again other). for the new console)
– Voice chatting with friends while gaming is much easier because each app is an option for you, not just the limited amount available on the console.
– A second screen next to it to put something while playing, for example, the game folder if you’re stuck.
-Most importantly, it is much better and universally applicable for working from home, using the Internet, photo/video editing, etc. I don’t live in a very large space, so I’d rather have one device that can do it all, so to speak.

Now, for example, there is a lot to be said for the simplicity of a console, but there are a lot of people who prefer to place a dedicated gaming device next to the TV and want to play games directly. I certainly don’t want to say that the console is a lesser option. But for me personally, I swear by the openness of the PC as a platform and I do not intend to buy a console just for the sake of some exclusives. :)

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