Mother Marco Borsato is emotional: “Destroyed at once”

Mother Marco Borsato is emotional: "Destroyed at once"

Several women have accused the singer of sexual misconduct behind the scenes Voice of the Netherlands He has lived out of the limelight since then. This makes Marco’s mother, Mary, sad. “Not only as an artist, but also as a person, he was so great and that was destroyed in one fell swoop. I think that’s too bad.”

She fully supports her son: “Because I and everyone who knows him knows what a wonderful person he is.” The allegations regarding Marco hurt her a lot. “Suddenly you get quite fierce when you talk about it.”

Marco can also rely on his family’s trust. They are convinced of his innocence. “We all support Marco. I find it difficult to talk about Marco, because he doesn’t do that at all. However, there will come a time when he will,” Lewontin says in a conversation with. accident.

“I especially hope that peace will return to our family. That Marco and I can become grandparents to our grandchildren in the future, and that my children can develop, despite the situation surrounding their father.”

The program is online angry Alleged violations in January 2022 Voice of the Netherlands To the jaw. On Tim Hoffman’s show, dozens of women spoke out and, among others, accused band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, now Linda De Mol’s ex-boyfriend and coach of Ali B and Marco, of sexually inappropriate behavior behind the scenes of the singing competition.

The Public Prosecution has begun an investigation, but no decision has yet been made regarding possible prosecution. However, according to Marco’s lawyer Kari Knobs Hamburger, a decision is on the horizon.

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