The Eagles player stores / stores a media poll

The Eagles player stores / stores a media poll

We are now 11 rehearsals at Philadelphia Eagles training camp, so I thought I’d take some time to get the Eagles media’s opinions on which players have looked so well so far during camp, and which ones haven’t.

For this exercise, I asked 25 Eagles media workers, all of whom attended each (or close enough) training to identify one player whose stock is high, and the other whose stock is low.

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On the stocks in advance, nine players got votes:

📈 sounds
Quiz Watkins 7
Josh Sweet 4
Zeke Macpherson 4
Terry Jackson 3
Javon Hargrave 2
Kayode Oosica 2
Jordan Mailata 1
Jason Huntley 1
Kenny Jenwell 1

For full disclosure, my vote was for Watkins. I think Sweat had the best camp of anyone on the team, but Watkins did the most in terms of exceeding expectations.

These are the players in the past who had at least four “store” votes:

public Players with at least 4 “store” votes
2017 Marcus Johnson (13), Nelson Agulor (4), CJ Smith (4)
2018 Camo Groger Hill (4), Matt Prior (4)
2019 Sidney Jones (10), Miles Sanders (7)
2020 John Hightower (4)

Our biggest mistakes as a media squad were Sidney Jones in 2019, and Jon Hightor last season. But we installed Miles Sanders in 2019, as well as Nelson Agulor, who had a lone impact season in 2017. We also correctly identified players like Marcus Johnson and CJ Smith as players who entered camp as long shots, but deserved to make the team, and did. But there were some false positives.

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stock down 📉

On the “low stock” side, Andre Dillard escaped by voting this year, with 12 out of 25 votes. It should be noted that many voters commented that they did not vote for Dillard because their expectations for him were already too low.

📉 sounds
Andre Dillard 12
Galen Rigor 4
Galen Hurts 2
John Hightower 1
kerrion johnson 1
JJ Arcega-Whiteside 1
Joe Flacco 1
Davion Taylor 1
Hassan Ridgway 1
Isaac Sumalo 1

Dillard’s selection was in a “stock cut” vote. I, too, had low expectations for Dillard entering the camp, but he was worse than I expected, and hell, he was vying to start a job in an excellent position.

Galen Rieger’s four votes were also fair, in my opinion. After such a disappointing season in 2020, how does a wide receiver fail the AC test at the start of camp?

These are the players in the past who have received at least four “stock cut” votes:

public Players with at least 4 “stock” votes
2017 Patrick Robinson (14), Shelton Gibson (10)
2018 Cory Nelson (7), Isaac Sumalo (5), Chance Warmack (5)
2019 Clayton Thorson (9), Jordan Mailata (7), Mac Hollins (5), Stephen Wisniewski (4)
2020 Sydney Jones (11)

Robinson had one of the worst camp starts I’ve ever seen, but he improved as the summer progressed and ended up becoming one of the best opener corners in the NFL that season, making him leaked Play the NFC Championship game all the way.

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Otherwise, our stock picks were very predictive of bad seasons.

  1. Shelton Gibson played in five games as a rookie, receiving two assists.
  2. Corey Nelson was cut before the end of camp.
  3. Isaac Sumalo came off the bench in Week Two.
  4. Chance Warmack actually had nine matches in 2018. He didn’t destroy a single match, but he didn’t do well either.
  5. Clayton Thorson was a fifth-round pick that was cut.
  6. Jordan Mailata has not appeared in any games in 2019.
  7. Mac Hollins was useless as a receiver in 2019 before the team dropped him on the season.
  8. Stefen Wisniewski was cut. (It actually got its start with the Super Bowl-winning bosses.)
  9. Sidney Jones was cut.

So, for the most part, like most Philadelphia, we can spot a struggling player when we see one, which is a bad sign for the Eagles’ first-round picks in 2019 and 2020.

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