The Eagles announce two moves in the list before the Vikings match

The Eagles announce two moves in the list before the Vikings match

The Philadelphia Eagles They officially announced two moves on the roster ahead of their Week 2 match against Minnesota Vikings. Overview:

  • WR Britain Covey and TE Noah Togiai have been temporarily removed from the coaching squad.

Let’s sort this news on a player-by-player basis.

British coffee

Kofi will return the balls to the Eagles again. The rookie did a pretty decent job in his NFL debut. Perhaps the birds should take Ques Watkins off the return mission and give Kofi a chance there instead.

Noah Tujia

Togiai is also called up as the third tight end for the second week in a row. The coaching staff seems to have more confidence in his ability to hold off and his general willingness to play than they do with Grant Calcaterra.

Other notes

  • Teams can temporarily upgrade coaching staff players up to three times per season before they are required to be subject to exemptions. So this is again for Kofi and Tojiay this year.
  • The Eagles chose not to fill their remaining open place on the list in time for this game. The second week in a row that they entered a match with only 52 players on the active roster (plus two PS spikes). Adding Covey to the roster after this game or the next is a logical step because they would need a kick return on the team.

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