The creative association is working on shooting science fiction hyenas – games – news

Do you really need an entire article for this?
This may just be an update of the previous day’s article.

And again, we have to mention that it’s Alien Isolation studio, while this has nothing to do with the genre or genre, it does take place somewhere in space.

To quote the previous article:

Creative Assembly, developer of Alien: Isolation, has been working on a new sci-fi themed first-person shooter for four years now.

Much attention is paid to detail and originality, says Alistair Hope, creative director of the studio. Also, the team will go to great lengths to “understand the source material”, but Hope does not say what this source material is. Rob Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer at Creative Assembly, confirms it’s a ‘new IP’

In non-marketing language: They’ve been doing all kinds of good Sell Mix up high-income perks into a big Venn diagram and then create a game around them that they think will catch up.

This kind of boring and obligatory online game has no added value. You can’t play it alone, you can’t play it alone with your friends and you are always running after you because you also have a normal life.

If they want to come, it’s free to play, and then you can buy a pixel pack for 10 euros to look nicer, because yeah… you don’t want someone to think you’re a n00b.

Good luck to everyone who will play this. I skipped this from the heart.

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