The cause of the death of Father Ibrahim is known, the singer was very ill

Foto: ANP

Pierre Kartner, also known as Father Abraham, has been suffering from a serious illness in recent months. The singer, composer and producer from the city of Breda suffered from bone cancer and eventually died. This is what his son, Walter Kartner, told Privé Weekly.

“It started with back problems, and soon afterwards he was told he had to consider that there was nothing that could be done about it. The disease had spread all over his body,” Walter told the weekly. When his father heard this, he gave in to the bad news surprisingly quickly, according to his son. As he always said when something goes wrong in life: “Things are the way they are.”

According to Walter, Kartner tried to enjoy life as much as possible until the last minute. He also made a lot of music. “Then he would sometimes crawl behind his keyboard to write songs. He would catch up on the news on his tablet and sometimes he’d have a bad day. But dad was never depressed.” The singer eventually died at home.

Kartner passed away exactly two weeks ago at the age of 87. The singer and musician has disappeared from the public eye in recent years and has actually stopped performing. The family initially refused to comment on the cause of death.

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