The bottom line: These B&B owners found love at B&B Vol Liefde

The bottom line: These B&B owners found love at B&B Vol Liefde

It’s all over for the six singles scattered across Europe, who have been searching for true love at “B&B Vol Liefde” in recent weeks. Which Dutch partner would dare to look across the border and complete the adventure of B&B owners?


The picturesque French village of Saint-Seine has not received as many Dutch ladies as in recent weeks. As the only one of the six candidates, Burt had not four guests, but five guests on the floor. He didn’t feel a click away with Ysolde and Annemarie from the start. The two women quickly returned to the car towards Holland.

For a long time he seemed to be building a romantic relationship with Romana, until she herself – much to Bert’s disappointment – decided to follow the Sun. Then the hilarious Gwen left, too, with all of her scripted T-shirts (except one), because her daughter was in the hospital. As a reward, came the fifth wife Froukje, who seemed to admire Bert at first. But it wasn’t just for the B&B owner. The only ladies still roaming his yard are chickens.

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Just as with Bert, the ladies of Jacob in Albufeira also could not find their way. Jacob was the only one who received his four guests at the same time, due to Corona’s measures in Portugal. But it soon became clear that Jacob was no match for the existence of four independent women. So this resulted in a situation that wasn’t pleasant at all, with the four ladies eventually saying they didn’t see a future with Jacob. They even called him “Big Boy”.

According to Jacob, it was “pee against the wind,” as he stated on the latest broadcast of b & with love. Fortunately for the bed and breakfast owner, he didn’t, in turn, feel like he was no match for Anita, Jenny, Segrun, and Monica.

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In Roosendaal, several men tried to prosecute Roxanne, but despite their best intentions, only Theon and Mitch managed to stay longer than a few days in Brabant. Although she got a flick with both Theon and Mitch, Roxanne eventually found Theon to be super cute and decided to finally send him home. But it turns out once with Mitch that he can’t set her on fire either. “I think if you really like someone and have a flick or chemistry, I don’t think there’s any silence,” she admitted after their date.

Even though Mitch tells the camera in the last episode that things are going well between them, Roxanne has already made her choice: She won’t be in love. Fortunately, she still has a pumpkin dog to snuggle with.

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Debbie literally left a sour taste on her b & with loveConspiracy. The single lady was looking for someone who is intimate and warm, but who can also stand his ground and knows how to surprise her. Unfortunately, Pascal, Gilmer, and Chris all did not meet their stringent requirements. Debbie was looking for depth, and it was hard to find. But it’s also hard to relate if all you do is clean windows, install refrigerators…

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From the start, Vincent was in the company of Monique, whom we immediately clicked on. Shortly thereafter, Jenny came to check on Vincent’s bed and breakfast, but only one night after she was awakened by the church bells, she decided to pack her bags again. The merry Marcella herself sent Vincent away after the arrival of the fourth lady, Sophie – who was allowed to pack his bags again soon after.

“There was a match from the beginning,” Vincent told presenter Art Ruijkers of Monique. “Some ladies have gone through, but we’ve stayed together. It’s really cool. (…) Her whole look is positive, she’s always cheerful and always smiling. I’m sure now I have a serious chance I want to give her.”

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Between accordion lessons, there was also enough time in Bad Kleinkircheim to discover love. Caroline started her adventure with Nico, after which football coach Eric soon joined the company. Mark’s adventure ended before he even began, and Jeroen himself gave Caroline a blast. It looks like Eric only got Roosje’s approval and after checking out her friends, Caroline also decided in the last episode that she wanted to see if something could blossom between them. A promise sealed with a kiss on the mouth.

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