Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Review – Introduction

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Review - Introduction

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With the Galaxy Watch4, Samsung is switching from Tizen to Wear OS, without the user noticing much, apart from the fact that you can now access the Play Store and thus to a larger range of applications. Just like its predecessor, the Watch4 is an excellent all-round smartwatch that also works very smoothly. Unfortunately, the battery life is a little disappointing at just two days, and the accuracy of the built-in GPS receiver leaves much to be desired.

As of today, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Officially for sale in the Netherlands. The smartwatch is very similar in appearance and functionality to its predecessor, but a major transformation has occurred under the hood. Samsung called Tizen as an operating system and switched to Wear OS from Google. However, the Galaxy Watch4 definitely didn’t become a standard Wear OS watch, not only because it’s the first and so far the only watch to use Wear OS 3, but mainly because Samsung did everything to maintain the iconic Tizen look and feel.

In addition to the changes to the cover, Samsung is also promising other improvements to the user. First of all, there is now access to a wide range of existing Wear OS apps, including Google Maps and a new version of Spotify that allows offline music playback. Additionally, there is more interest in health tracking and the watch can now measure a user’s lipids as well as heart rate, heart rhythm, pressure, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. In addition, Watch4 offers several sports profiles and you will find many fitness programs in the Samsung Health app, from meditation sessions to complete 10K training plans.

The Galaxy Watch4 is available in two versions, the Classic with an actual circular bezel around the display, and the more compact Standard Edition which features a capacitive bezel and a minimalist modern look. Both variants are available with screen diagonals of 1.2″ and 1.4″, with suggested retail prices ranging from 269 to 399 euros.

In the past two weeks, we’ve been working with the large (46mm) version of the Watch4 Classic and have found out exactly what kind of meat is in the sink. Why is Samsung switching to Wear OS now? How does the Galaxy Watch4 fit into today’s smartwatch market? Is it a smart upgrade for those who already have a Tizen or Wear OS watch, and is the Galaxy Watch4, like its predecessor, still the best all-round smartwatch for Android users? We try to answer all of these questions on the following pages.

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