The booster vaccination campaign has accelerated, and hospital staff have been vaccinated as of next week

The booster vaccination campaign has accelerated, and hospital staff have been vaccinated as of next week

The booster campaign is accelerating. Hospital healthcare staff are at the forefront of this. They will get their corona vaccines next week, sources in the healthcare sector report to NOS.

Institutions for the elderly and disabled, which have their own medical services, will also be involved earlier. They can order vaccinations for their residents as early as next week. A week later, in the week of November 22, the vaccine doses are delivered.

For some nursing homes, this means up to two weeks in advance. Nursing homes with their institutional doctors were previously only able to start giving the booster vaccinations on December 6.

Other groups

Minister De Jong may announce more about accelerating the boost campaign ahead of tonight’s coronavirus press conference. The pressure to get the injections early is huge due to the high rates of infection and the increasing pressure on healthcare.

It remains to be seen whether the boosters will also become available soon for three other groups: seniors who can come to the GGD site themselves, and other health care workers and residents of institutions without their own medical services.

Currently, small enterprises will not receive the booster vaccines until January. For now, “mobile elderly” and other care workers can get the vaccine at GGD sites in December.

Health Council

At the beginning of this month, the Health Council recommended giving an additional vaccine against Corona to those over sixty and people living in care institutions. The advice was to start with the older age groups as they are more likely to face a dangerous path of Covid-19 infection.

According to the Health Board, there is no medical necessity for other groups to give a booster dose. However, Minister De Jonge also decided to send care staff (and in the long run Whoever wants it) to give an opportunity to choose an additional snapshot. “In terms of healthcare, we want to keep it going during this difficult time,” the minister explained.

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