Kis van der Sek couldn’t help but cry after the death of Peter R. de Vries

Kis van der Sek couldn't help but cry after the death of Peter R. de Vries

When broadcaster Robert Rodenburg asked him what the attack on Peter R. had done to him, Case said it was a huge shock. At the time the crime reporter was shot, Kiss was in Cyprus for a report. “I was there with my photographer Job, who’s also been shooting with Peter since 1996 – with me too. We just cried in the hotel.”

“We actually thought: he’s dead, we had this conviction. Then it turned out not to be the case and we had a little hope again. A week later he was really dead…what did that do to me? (…) that really cut her off, but all over the Netherlands.”

Peter R. and Kees have worked together day in and day out for years, and they meet more often than their wives. “We got a little crazy flick: He was a bitch with the truth and knows everything, every detail,” says Case. “He was a real expert on crime and I’m just a little confused manager, but we clicked really well. Team. He never argued, it was always good.” When I had many adventures together… (…) it was intense, of course.”

Kiss hasn’t processed it yet. However, he still has regular contact with Peter R’s ex-wife, Jacqueline. “My wife knew him well too. The reason she started working in television was because she wanted to work for Peter R. de Vries, but it never worked out. So we talk a lot about that.”

Kiss isn’t afraid to be next. “I’m not interested in that kind of business either,” he explains. “Peter was of course involved in certain things…I never commit a serious crime, never. I’ve never done that and it doesn’t really matter to me.”

He continues: “The shows I do are about an individual who happens to be something, I go on a journey – on an adventure – to find out who it was. But those people there hardly know who I am, let alone filmed them. I wouldn’t be on TV there either, so no.. I don’t have that.”

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