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Beste vriendin blijkt jarenlange stalker van Robin in Zeeman Confronteert

Robin, 38, has been harassed several times by an unknown person on a daily basis since 2019. He receives emails and texts and appears to be being followed. He enlists the help of 42-year-old Theis Zemann to stop his stalker, but then discovers the shocking truth.

“This is absolutely terrible”

When Robin returns to the Netherlands from a business trip, he decides to use a dating app. There he meets Anna, with whom he has been in contact for a long time. The two seem to have found each other in love and regularly send each other intimate photos. After Robin tries to set up a date with Anna twice without success, he discovers that she is not who she pretends to be.

Once Robin reveals to Anna that she doesn’t really exist, a period of years of stalking begins. “This person is mainly interested in my love life,” Robin says. He receives messages containing information that only those close to him know. “This is absolutely terrible. (…) So far the tone has not been physically threatening at all, but this can change, of course.”

The stalking doesn’t just stop with Robin, because not long after, good friend Jessie is also being stalked by the same person. The stalker also managed to obtain nude photos of her and threatens to post them online if Robin reports the incident to the police. “I think the stress I’m under isn’t so bad compared to what’s happening to her,” Robin says.

Theis and investigative journalist Nico van den Dries decided to conduct extensive research and soon discovered that the stalker had dropped a few stitches here and there. Interestingly, the stalker’s voice is not heard when Jessie is near Robin. But Robin doesn’t like the idea of ​​Jessie being the stalker. “I’ve known Jessie for some time, of course, but I also saw what happened to her. I think there’s almost no possibility that she had anything to do with it.”

To completely exclude Jesse, Nico decides to email the stalker using a digital trap. This allows it to track the location of the computer on which the file was opened. “He’s Jesse’s employer,” Nico concludes.

Nico and Tess’s suspicions are confirmed when they discover that the file has been opened on Jesse’s work computer. “We have bingo. One hundred percent. It’s final now Jesse.” Thijs doesn’t know what he’s hearing and finds it strange that Robin’s best friend has kept this up for years. “unbelievable.”

Thijs makes an appointment with Robin to share their findings, and when Robin hears that Jessie is the person who has been harassing him for years, he is completely distraught. “This is an amazing piece of acting when you put everything together like that.” Robin is very upset that Jessie continues to cause him so much pain for years.

In order to end the conversation immediately, Robin also lured the stalker Jesse to the location and entered Thijs’ room without suspicion. “What is this?” she shouts as soon as she sees the cameras. She doesn’t like being photographed and immediately turns away. However, Thijs doesn’t leave it at that and follows her. Once outside, she stopped and, after much pain and effort, decided to talk to Thijs. “I was angry, I was sad, I was disappointed,” she says, because Robin does not have the same feelings for him that she does for him.

After initially denying the entire stalking story, she now confesses everything. “You sent bad messages.” After the conversation with Thijs, she is also ready to explain everything to Robin herself. “I’m sorry,” she told him. But despite Jesse’s attempt at reconciliation, Robin decides to cut off contact.

Since the confrontation, Jessie has begun working hard on herself and is currently in an intensive care program.

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