March 29, 2023

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The best advice in The Hague about the energy bill

The best advice in The Hague about the energy bill

At the Ministry of Finance, among others, Ministers Sigrid Kaag (Finance) and Marnix van Rijk (Finance) speak with government party leaders about measures against rising energy bills.

price ceiling

It became clear last Friday that the Cabinet aims to cap the price of electricity and gas and wants to create an emergency fund for people who can no longer pay their bills. Today, the parties are discussing how to do this. The variables that the government is considering all have their different advantages, disadvantages, and costs.

It is also discussed whether a reduction in the energy tax is possible or whether people with lower incomes can receive an additional allowance.

The variable most mentioned is the maximum price up to average use. Those who use more gas and electricity will simply pay the full price. The disadvantage of this arrangement is that it must be arranged by energy companies, which not all are able to do so.

Consulting with energy companies

Minister Rob Gettin (Climate and Energy) is already consulting with energy companies. The minister said last Wednesday that no one should have electricity cut off this winter because they are no longer able to pay their energy bill.

Households are not only affected by rising energy prices. The business community, cultural and non-profit sectors also complain about this.

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