Big changes in the lives of Crown Prince William and Kate

Big changes in the lives of Crown Prince William and Kate

The Duchy of Cornwall encompasses at least 53,000 hectares of land in 23 different countries. These properties with accompanying cottages have a total value of about 1.7 billion euros, according to a 2018 estimate. In the meantime, another 25,000 euros could have been added in value. William and Kate, who already have an estimated €60 million in the bank, are inheriting a massive fortune now that William is heir apparent. The money is used, among other things, for Charles’ public activities and charities, but is also distributed to his children. The administration of the Duchy of Cornwall is a great responsibility. So William will have to deal with the finances of the royal family more than he did until recently, but fortunately he was able to prepare for the role for several years. After all, Charles is already 73 years old. The British prefer not to say it out loud, but it is only a matter of time – increasingly shorter – before William himself takes the throne. Prince William has already stated in the past that he does not want to make drastic changes to the current system, so at least the status quo is maintained in that region. “I don’t want to disturb the boat,” he joked. “So I’ll handle it the same way my dad did.”

bigger palace

Clarence House is the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. Kate and William and their children George, Charlotte and Louis are allowed to move into a larger mansion after the change of throne. Whether they will do so, having just moved to Windsor with the children to live a quieter life, is uncertain. But they are entitled to. Clarence House is located in Westminster, in the heart of London. Additionally, the residence is associated with the historic St James’s Palace. “I’m not a fan of architecture,” William admitted. “That’s all I have to say about it.” Can’t blame him, because the building was opened in 1827. So it can’t be called modern, but it has an old-fashioned royal charm.

The new line of succession

For Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, not much has actually changed now that Charles is king. Harry is also the only king in the immediate family who has not been given a new title. Harry and Meghan will remain the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Therefore, Harry’s role is still far from sitting on the throne, and in all likelihood it will never happen. The line of succession after Charles goes as follows: William, George, Charlotte, Louis. Then it’s up to Harry, and then it’s up to his son Archie. If George had children at all, Harry’s place would recede even further.

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