The American squirrel hides thousands of walnuts in a car

The American squirrel hides thousands of walnuts in a car

On Facebook, 56-year-old Bill Fischer shows the squirrel for his winter meal Used every empty space He could see the Chevrolet Avalanche in the car.

Twenty-year ritual

Fischer tells the Washington Post that the squirrel The ritual is repeated every two years. How long does the flowering cycle last on the walnut tree in the adjacent garden. In 2013, he encountered this event for the first time.

“I have more cars in that tree, but the squirrel always picks it up. I deliberately parked the Chevrolet a long way from the tree, but he always finds it. Hide the walnut.”

Fisher knew he had to check his cars regularly as soon as the first walnuts started to fall. Usually he does not start cleaning until the walnut harvest is over, otherwise he will continue to do so.


However, he says this year was different than other years. Because seven full buckets of walnuts – he never got so much from his Chevrolet. “A record,” he says. “I’ve taken four or five full buckets, but seven? Never.” He thinks it’s because he’s been out for four days.

He took five buckets from under the hood last week. The remaining walnuts were hidden between the bumpers. He doesn’t throw away the walnuts, but distributes them through Facebook to local people who want to get them.

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