‘Ajax and Nouri’s family agree on compensation: a job arbitration case’

'Ajax and Nouri's family agree on compensation: a job arbitration case'

Ajax Nouri’s family agreed to a compensation settlement after more than four years, according to NOS. As a result, no further arbitration proceedings will be taken.

The sad story surrounding Nuri is well known: he collapsed on July 8, 2017, when Ajax played a training match against Werder Bremen. Less than a year later, Edwin van der Sar, Ajax’s manager, admitted mistakes had been made in the treatment of Nouri on the field. As a result, the 24-year-old Amsterdam native suffered permanent brain damage.

Then Ajax and the Nouri family negotiated compensation for a long time, but could not reach an agreement. The arbitration case was supposed to end the case. The family filed a lawsuit in January of this year, and the case will be filed in October.

In the end, Ajax and the family came out on their own. The we Be aware that the agreement relates to Abdelhak’s care, loss of earning capacity, and compensation for non-pecuniary damages in the form of compensation. The exact amount that Ajax will pay Nuri’s family is unknown.

Nouri’s nervous condition remains the same. He is looked after at home by his relatives, which makes him relatively well. However, care is still needed at any time of the day. Nuri is also able to show emotions: for example, he can laugh, cry, communicate through facial expressions. Nori is “quiet, but also attentive,” according to NOS.

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