The 5 biggest Apple failures in the company’s history

The 5 biggest Apple failures in the company's history

Apple makes beautiful products. iPhone, MacBook, iPad and Apple Watch have been a success and work flawlessly. But this was not the case for some of the company’s products. We listed five that didn’t work well.

When you think of Apple, you probably immediately think of success. This is not surprising, because it is one of the most valuable companies in the world. One product contributed to this more than the other. But what are the biggest failures?

Apple’s 5 Biggest Failures

Of course, not everything was so successful for Apple. So here are the five biggest failures. We’re curious if you know them all.

#1 Lisa

With Lisa you might think of a girl’s name, but that has nothing to do with this flop. Lisa is an acronym for Local Integrated Software Architecture, a computer that Apple introduced to the business market in 1983.

It wasn’t a huge success and that was mainly due to the price. It was $10,000 at the time, which is the equivalent of $30,000 now. Apple sold 100,000 copies maximum and buried about 2,700 copies somewhere in Utah. If you find one now, it will probably give you a lot of power.

#2 Power Mac G4 Cube

Another Apple computer that failed to comply. The Power Mac G4 Cube from 2000 looked amazing because of its special look. It turns out that looks aren’t everything, because only about 150,000 copies were sold for about $1,799.

And this is mainly due to Apple itself. Around that time, the regular Power Mac G4, which cost about $200 less and had more upgrade options, such as more RAM slots and AirPort cards, was more popular. Even Tim Cook called it a fiasco.

#3 Newton’s message board

to a product you may not have heard of before. This explains exactly why this fails. However, it is an important invention of Apple, as it led to the creation of the iPhone.

The Newton MessagePad 1993 was a personal digital assistant (PDA) that came with a stylus. On this device, you can store contacts, take notes and even send faxes. However, there was a system error, as the device could not adequately recognize handwriting. Since this was one of the primary tasks given the pen, you know why this product failed.

#4 iPhone 5C

With Apple, you usually immediately think of expensive products and that makes sense, of course, because the company is often at the top. However, Apple tried to do things differently in 2013 with the iPhone 5C. And let that not be successful.

iPhone 5c
iPhone 5c (photo: Apple)

iPhone 5C appeared at the same time as 5S, but there was a big difference. Instead of a metal body, the 5C’s exterior was made of plastic. However, the inside was the same. However, people didn’t jump in for it, despite the fact that the device was $100 cheaper. This is why the Model C was never released again.

#5 Apple Watch Edition

Finally, Apple’s latest fiasco. Since it dates back to 2015, you could say the company is doing quite well. Unlike the 5C, which was very cheap, the Apple Watch Edition was very expensive.

Apple wanted to appeal to the premium segment with the release of the Watch Edition. So she released the Apple Watch made of real gold. However, people were not eager to spend $10,000 to $17,000 on an Apple Watch. And it really makes sense, so why spend so much money on a watch that’s only been backed by updates for a few years? Then you’d rather spend that on a “normal” Rolex or Breitling.

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