The 27-year-old millionaire has to live on €50 in Steenrijk, Straatarm

The 27-year-old millionaire has to live on €50 in Steenrijk, Straatarm

Stijn gets to know his girlfriend Roos when she follows a course with him. The spark went off and they now live together in luxury and are financially independent. Every month the couple lives in a different place in the world, but for the program they return to Belgium – where Stegen was born. At a young age, Stijn had only one goal: to become a millionaire before he turned 30. And he succeeded.

Michelle and Monica have a different outlook on life. Not the money, but their two kids come first. The family had a hard time. The first daughter, Eleonora, was born deaf and during her second pregnancy Monica suffers a cerebral infarction and is placed in an artificial coma so that her son, Roger, can be picked up. Although she is happily recovering, work is no longer possible. Michel works as a security guard, but as weekly groceries become more expensive, they have to convert every cent.

Stijn and Roos seem to live a carefree life, but they also face setbacks in life. A year ago, Ross had several heart attacks because she worked so hard. “That was a good warning,” she says. “It was definitely a shock.” The intense time made them think, so that they now enjoy each day to the fullest. Michelle and Monica don’t have that luxury and the family struggles to make ends meet. When Michel and Monica see their new home for the first time, they can’t speak. “How can anyone have so much luxury?” They ask out loud. The family feels the same rich when they see that they have 2,500 euros to spend this week. Big difference with 100 euros they can usually spend. “It really is a realizing moment,” Stijn replies after seeing their weekly budget.

Roos and Stijn make it more difficult for themselves by wanting to use only half of it. Meanwhile, the Schultz family is enjoying not worrying about money for once and pampering themselves with a visit to the hairdresser and new shoes. They close the week with a visit to the amusement park and not only the children, but also their parents have the time of their lives. They concluded, “Feeling free and being able to do things for yourself with the people you love is very special.” “This is invaluable.”

Roos and Stijn have also changed after the week and realize that their lifestyle is not normal. “It opens your eyes,” Stegen says. Roos agrees completely: “I’ve noticed that I’m spoiled more than I thought.”

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