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A prominent Tesla hacker claims to have found code in Tesla’s autopilot feature software that identifies crash-testing organizations. It remains unclear if this is the case, and how the code might affect the self-driving function test.

Hacker Green I found references in the Tesla software for several crash test organizations, including Ancap, Ivista, Euro Ncap, and Korea Ncap. In the same tweet, Green wrote that testing agencies will be given a “one-off” car with a code that specifically indicates the organization in question. The source can’t say exactly what the code does; It’s only clear that it’s an icon related to Tesla’s self-driving feature, what Nothing with actual crash tests you have to do.

In turn, these bodies not only test what happens to the vehicle during a collision, but also how autonomous driving functions work. since then by source When it comes to “invisible autopilot settings”, the effect on test results could explain why the code is named according to approval authorities. So far, on the other hand, there is no concrete reason why Tesla would actually affect test results. For example, there is also speculation that the code acts as an analysis tool for Tesla itself, although this does not explain why the test authorities are mentioned.

A representative of the Australian crash test agency Ancap . says Reverse driving The situation is being investigated. Tesla itself has yet to respond to Tweakers’ questions. Last week, the brand received five stars from Euro Ncap as a Model Y safety rating.

The Tesla code for the autopilot function referred, among other things, to Euro Ncap, a European crash-testing organization. Y image crash test model via Euro Ncap

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