June 9, 2023

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Thalys will operate less frequently to and from Paris in the near future |  Currently

Thalys will operate less frequently to and from Paris in the near future | Currently

A Thales spokesperson reported on Monday that Thales will operate fewer trains to and from Paris in the coming period ad. Last week the train came twice to stand firmly due to technical problems. Since these trains are now being repaired and therefore cannot run, this has consequences for the schedule.

It is unknown how many trains are participating and how long it will take before problems are resolved. In any case, about three trains per day will be canceled next week, including routes from Amsterdam and Brussels to Paris and back.

On Sunday, the Thalys stopped between Disneyland Paris and Amsterdam for unknown reasons. Due to a power outage, the air conditioning was cut off. Passengers were evacuated from the train more than two hours later.

It happened last Tuesday, too. Then the Thalys train stopped near the Gare du Nord station in Paris. The heat made the cabins so hot that passengers smashed a window. Then people on the sidewalks threw water bottles into the train through the broken window.

Thales says the two accidents are unrelated, but repairing the trains will have consequences for the schedule. A spokesman for the company said: “We have 28 trains. There are always a few that are not available for maintenance, and now two more are coming.” ad. “We are investigating the accidents. That is why the two trains have now been taken off the tracks.”

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