Texan Congresswoman praises Bitcoin mine for contributing to US energy independence

Texan Congresswoman praises Bitcoin mine for contributing to US energy independence

Bitcoin mine explodes in Texas. This is because of key politicians like Beat Sessions who provide all the support for the bitcoin mining industry in Texas. According to the sessions, the bitcoin mine in Texas has the potential to become a key component of US energy policy.

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Sessions tweeted today: “Bitcoin mining will play a key role in rebuilding America’s energy independence.” This statement comes a few days after his other pro-Bitcoin statement: “Bitcoin reflects US values ​​and strengthens the dollar.”

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Texas Center for Bitcoin Mining

The sessions did not release these statements lightly, and the politician was well aware that Texas was the hub of bitcoin mining in the United States. Up to 14 percent of the network can be found in the US state.

Texas influence may be higher than that percentage, given the large number of mining operations that will start mining in the state.

For example, Arco Blockchain Purchased 300 hectares of land In the spring of 2021 in West Texas.

= https: //twitter.com/nic__carter/status/1504972641756717056 “data-service =” twitter “>

Another big minute party, Foundry, closes at the same time Collaborations With solar and hydro power stations in the state. According to Nick Carter of Bitcoin, Texas is very popular in politics because of its pro-Bitcoin climate and favorable energy infrastructure.

Pete Sessions is not just a pro-Texan Bitcoin politician

Certainly not the only politician sessions that see great potential in bitcoin for the state in Texas. Senator Ted Cruz has spoken out in favor of bitcoin several times, while Governor Greg Abbott sees the bitcoin mine as a way to stabilize the energy phase in the state.

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Texas has high levels of unused energy, including combustible but non-combustible natural gas. In addition, Texas has a lot of wind and solar energy, which is exactly what Bitcoin mining is all about.

Texas now seems to have the right pitch not only to attract bitcoin miners, but also to convince skeptics about the added value of bitcoin to the United States. Stabilization of the energy phase.

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