Televizier-Ring shortlist announced: De Bevers and Dwars door de Lage Landen also have a chance | show

Televizier-Ring shortlist announced: De Bevers and Dwars door de Lage Landen also have a chance |  show

The shortlist for the Gouden Televizier-Ring has been announced. Viewers can nominate five programs for the prestigious award for the last time this year. This includes a real Belgian soap scoop of John de Bevere and an old acquaintance.

Despite being a Belgian TV show, through the low countries A chance to win a Golden Televizier Ring. On the show, broadcaster Arnaud Houben tours Belgium and the Netherlands and picks up special stories. Production in the hands of the Flemish production company Chinesebut since VPRO also produces, travel software is allowed.

Just like last year full house The long list. Then the family program was nominated for the episode. However, the makers of the NPO 1 reality show watched the episode after the BNNVara documentary Roenrwald’s children Togo. The third candidate was mukro mafiawhich already became this year’s long list in the previous quarter.

SBS 6 in the race on the track with a docusoap for Urk. In addition, there are two surprises. beaversrealistic soap about folk singer John de Bevere, and Louise and Rowan: Gooisch, also realistic soap, shortlist. Remarkable, because both programs are broadcast on two small channels RTL 5 and Discovery +.

The remainder of the shortlist from the previous three voting rounds.
Arrange your thoughts and decide (RTL)
Kees van der Sek: Scammers stopped (RTL)
The Gillies family: the block is the cash register (SBS6)
Chateau help (SBS6)
inside outside (KRO-NCRV)
On the road (SBS)
to here (Banfara)
Gort across the border (Afrotros)
mocro . mafia (Videowoland/RTL)
snipers BNNVara)
100 days in your head (VPRO)
thirst farm (BNNVara)
Chansons (BNNVara)
Youth Clinic: When nothing works anymore (video country)
hunting season (SBS)

In addition to these twenty addresses, Televizier himself adds five more addresses, which receive a wildcard. They will be vying for a place in the last three programs starting August 16th. Then they actually have a chance to win the Golden Televizier Ring 2022.

Small riots started in June TV Episode Rules. makers Today inside And the evening show With Arjen Lubach criticized the fact that they were no longer allowed to participate. Televizier believes that these programs are very similar to the shows international football And the Sunday with Lubach, who won in 2011 and 2017, respectively. The organization indicated last month that it wanted to evaluate the matter after the presentation.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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