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Telegram founder Pavel Durov provided insight into what Telegram Premium will entail. Telegram Premium access has already been leaked, but there has been almost no official information. According to Dorov, all existing features will remain free and Premium will arrive this month.

Telegram 8.4 (no premium features to see)

In addition to Dorov says That there is “more than enough free features on the way”. Telegram Premium will provide users with more “features, speed, and resources”. Also, Premium users will get certain new features first; So it comes down to the features that will be available for free later on.

Durov doesn’t explain much about the actual contents of the Premium package. However, we can infer from its Telegram message that “Very Large Documents and Media” is included and that Premium users can post exclusive stickers and message replies. The latter includes presumably Habit-emojis.

Durov also says that users of the free form of Telegram will benefit from users of Telegram Premium in certain ways. The latter group can send larger attachments, but anyone can receive them. The exact maximum is unknown. Users with a premium response can also access a post if the Premium user has already commented.

Pavel Durov does not offer a price for the additional features of the messaging app at the moment. cable The instrument started earlier From its application in the form of advertisements on the so-called “one-to-many” channels. Durov now adds that he prefers that Telegram’s revenue comes from Premium users and not from advertisers.

Telegram competes with apps like WhatsApp and Signal. The big difference between Telegram and the rest is that end-to-end encryption is not enabled by default with the app. Telegram offers more functions, such as download manager, spoiler function, personal videos and accounts not associated with phone numbers.

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Sunday update: An earlier version of this article stated that the release date was not yet known. However, Durov reported in his post that Premium will be introduced this month. The article has been edited.

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